meet the team
Jessica Marie Francis   ●   Danny   ●   Miss Ollie Bullie
Jessica (JMF) - Principle Photographer
            I'm Jessica, the principal photographer and designer.  I discovered my passion for photography in high school.  I had an incredible photo teacher who not only sparked my curiosity by challenging me to build my own pinhole camera, but also created for all of us an incredible environment to learn traditional darkroom photography and digital skills.  Most of my work, for the first 2 years that I was exhibiting and selling my fine art, was produced in either my high school's darkroom or the one that my dad helped me build in the half-bath of my childhood home. 

            It wasn't until I started college at UF (go Gators) that I really began developing my digital photography skills.  I was studying architectural design when I was given the opportunity to display my photography in the Student Union's gallery, and it was this experience that made me realize that I wanted to focus the rest of my life on photography; I saw the impact my work had on others, and I wanted to continue bringing people joy with everything that I do.

            I can hardly believe that so much time has passed, but, I have been in the field creating, printing, exhibiting, and selling my work for over 14 years now.  The technical skills that I have sharpened over those years influence how I use my cameras and lenses and the post-production work I do when I get back home to my office to edit our images.  Yet is the time that I spend getting to know my photo families and the magic they make together that really influences my work.

Danny - Second Shooter & Assistant

            ​​​​​​​The real secret sauce that makes my success so sweet is my second shooter, assistant, and husband extraordinaire, Danny. A few years into our relationship, he expressed interest in learning more about photography and allowed me to train him for 4 years before he started shooting with me. For 5 years now he has been with me, photographing over 100 events ranging from mini sessions to weddings in tandem.  I think his most amazing quality when we are working with our couples and families is his infectious laugh and ability to put people at ease. We always strive to blend into our surroundings to allow people to be themselves, and Danny's jovial demeanor is just what the doctor ordered.

Miss Ollie Bullie
            As the newest member of our team, Ollie, our Chief Puppy Officer (CPO) brings something completely different to our business.  She comes with us on many of our mini session weekends and keeps me company during my long days and nights of editing.  She has a special bed in my office specifically for that purpose :)  For more doggo love and info on Ollie, please follow her on her own Facebook and Instagram accounts.