meet the team
Jessica Marie Francis   ●   Danny   ●   Miss Ollie Bullie
Jessica (JMF) - Principle Photographer
            I'm Jessica, the principal photographer and designer.  I discovered my passion for photography in high school.  My photo teacher not only sparked my curiosity by challenging me to build my own pinhole camera, but also created (for all of us) an incredible environment to learn traditional darkroom photography as well as digital skills.  Most of my work, for the first 2 years that I was exhibiting and selling my fine art, was produced in either my high school's darkroom or the one that my dad and I built in the half-bath of my childhood home. 

            It wasn't until I started college at UF (#GoGators) that I really began developing my digital photography skills.  I was studying architectural design when I earned the opportunity to display my photography in the gallery at the Student Union.  Exhibiting my work gave me the chance to see the impact my work has on others, and I realized that I wanted to continue bringing people joy with everything I do.  

            For more than 15 years, I have been creating, printing, exhibiting, and selling my work.  All those years of experience influence how I choose and use the technology at my fingertips.  
But what inspires the spirit of my work is the time I spend getting to know our photo families and the magic moments they make in front of our cameras.

Danny - Second Shooter & Assistant

            ​​​​​​​The secret sauce that makes success so sweet is my second shooter, assistant and husband extraordinaire, Danny.  After joining me on a few photo shoots, he expressed interest in learning more about photography, and for 4 years I worked with him on the theory and mechanics of photography.   
            ​​​​​​​Together we have now photographed hundreds of events ranging from mini sessions to weddings.  Making sure we catch people just being themselves is one of our core values, and Danny's ability to put people at ease with his approachable demeanor and infectious laugh is what makes him my perfect partner in life and photography.  

Miss Ollie Bullie
            ​​​​​​​Our Chief Puppy Officer (CPO) is Miss Ollie Bullie, a magical bulldog we adopted with help from Nate's Honor Animal Shelter, in Bradenton Florida.   She has a number of highly-technical responsibilities - most important of which is to keep me on track while in the office editing.  
            ​​​​​​​Her role has also been expanded to train our new Assistant to the CPO, Tank.  For more doggo love and info on Ollie, please follow her on her Facebook and Instagram channels.