I was never able to picture myself pregnant.  I always knew I wanted to have a family, but with a history of reproductive health challenges and a flair for all things creative, I decided that growing our family would be something we'd do creatively together.  Adopting our fur-babies was the first step.  Dedicating time and effort to improving my health was step two.  Researching all our available options was step three.  And step four was learning to let go and trust the process.
     I am grateful that we have been blessed with this pregnancy.  But if you know me personally, you know I am a Type-A ++ planner, and it's no surprise that finding out I knew NOTHING about the experience of being pregnant was like being hit with a 2 ton truck of stinky diapers.  
     To deal with my dismay, I figured the best thing I can do is document my experience for any other prospective or newly pregnant mommas who may appreciate my take on the adventure that is growing a human.  As a creative business owner who loves food, much of my pregnancy thus far has revolved around how the changes to my body/biochemistry have affected how I work and how I eat... so begins the diary of a pregnant foodie.   
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