mini sessions
takeout sessions
In an effort to come up with COVID-19 friendly mini sessions, 
we have officially created our
MINI SESSION TAKEOUT ™️​​​​​​​ series.  
Each week they are available, we will introduce a new theme with an assortment of available time slots.
You can choose to use our theme or come up with your own.
Personalized props, imaginative outfits and scenes are all strongly encouraged.
If you book a session and want to brainstorm with me, just leave a note
on your order (or email me) so we can dream up something awesome.
how it all began 
Our mini sessions are a passion project.

I started my photography business in 2011 in Gainesville Florida as a freshly-graduated Gator.  After too many years away, I am incredibly blessed and grateful to call Gainesville home, once again.
When my business was just starting to grow, I searched for ways to connect with the local community.  My absolute favorite is teaching an intro to digital photography to new moms at NFRMC's postpartum luncheons.
Through this program I meet LOTS of new mommas and I learned that babies change at warp speed.  There are SO MANY milestones to capture, even just in the first year!  Of course, I am thrilled to have the chance to photograph all those milestones for you, but I recognized that booking a private photo session every few months may not be realistic for every family.
That's when I decided to offer mini sessions.  Mini sessions are designed to be an affordable and accessible way for families to come out, as many times each year that they want, to create memories with their growing families...
... and that is exactly what they have become.​​​​​​​
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